Zaha Hadid’s Secret Garden Pavilion

The Secret Garden Pavilion which designed for Citco; has a Hadid signature in the middle of the trees with its organic shapes and treated marble surfaces. Source: by Thelma Ndebele These organic forms give the feeling of carrying the tons of stone mass by the ornamental horizontal marble surfaces along with the [...]

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Marble Designs by Zaha Hadid

The marble designs by the Zaha Hadid for Citco showed us how adorable she was at furniture and product designing not just architecture. The Mercuric Collection was reinterpreted by her in Black Marquina which similar to Black Swan and Bianco di Covelano. Source: Although marble is so hard to sculpt these designs [...]

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Marble in Our Day

In addition to historical buildings, the use of marble in modern architecture is also widespread. Indoors; flooring, wall coverings, bathrooms and kitchens are comman using areas. In the same way the marble, which looks aesthetically, stylish and elegant look adds brightness to the decoration does not leave us alone in outdoor. Source: ME Landscaping [...]

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History of Marble Trend

The using of marble in architecture, art and design can be traced thousands of years ago to early Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. The Athen’s Panthenon, Rome's Pantheon, Agra's Taj Mahal, London's Marble Arch and Michelangelo's masterpiece "David" are just some of the historical examples of marble used. Rome's Pantheon Marble is derived from [...]

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Stones in Traditional Buildings

Since the formation of the architecture, the constructions built with various materials have acquired integrity and aesthetics with the stone. Limestone is a stone type that Mimar Sinan used in his monuments and architecture, which was frequently used in Roman and Byzantine periods. This stone type, which toughen over time and soft when first removed, [...]

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Marble Trendy on our tables

Nowadays marble mostly started to show up on our tables as service plates, cheese plates, cups, bowls etc. With the increase in the importance of organic nutrition, marble products have a stylish appearance in our sofas with natural textures and minimal designs. In cases where it is difficult to shape the marble, we see that [...]

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French Patterns with Natural Stones

You walked on a very rustic-looking stone floor and wondered what it was? Versailles Palace, a magnificent example of French baroque architecture, is the most famous royal castle in France, along with the classical French garden. Originally a modest hunting club outside Paris, the palace became the symbol of absolutism and the French regime of [...]

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The Most Preferred Poolside Natural Stone Tiles

The area around your swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your pool. It is not only a gathering place on the edge of the pool, it also plays an important role in defining your personality and style. There are a variety of man made and natural materials that create superior pool [...]

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Yozgat Diabase as a Landscape Material

The Green Diabase, is a basaltic natural stone from dark to medium green coloured with drawing a homogenous grainy pattern. We call our diabase as Yozgat Diabase because our quarry is located in Yozgat City in Turkey and the feature of our stone is a little darker green. Generally the areas of use are similar [...]

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Where can we see the Black Marble?

Black marble is frequently preferred in indoors and outdoors; it stands out in today’s architecture. You can provide our black marble series; Black Swan and Bruno Perla for your home in bathrooms, living rooms, corridors, as well as for your workplace in common areas, kitchens, meeting rooms and so on. It is possible to have [...]

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